コロナショックは第二次世界大戦を超えるのか?Does COVID-19 Shock exceed the WWII?

コロナショックは第二次世界大戦を超えるのか?Does COVID-19 Shock exceed the WWII?

こんにちは、Kayoです。  Hi, this is Kayo.



I’m sending message about how we can live freely on this Blog.



I usually don’t talk about news because it’s brand new topic which I don’t realize how to deal it.



The big news are usually negative and I will talk about that if I’ve been studying about it for long but not. I don’t want to make you feel bad, so I don’t talk about it.



I define the purpose of this blog is “Let people imagine the happy future and push them to act for it”.



TV shows news mostly about COVID-19 for this whole month, though, I don’t usually watch TV but my friends send messaged about the virus things. I’ve been working at home for 3 weeks.



It’s March 30th in 2020. I’m interested in not COVID-19 itself but “what will happen in this world”. This is kind of annoying curiosity.



I don’t know how to do in this changing environment so I’m gonna talk about “Near Future which the shock will lead”





I don’t make you feel anxious and I often say people should not catch news so much. I recommend you jump to another page if you feel bad. How about this blog?

A Quiet, Secret and Noble place called “Mizuma-Dera” which is close to Kansai Airport


コロナ後の世界はどうなるのか?ただただ考えてみる What will happen in the near future after COVID-19?


コロナは第二次世界大戦を超えるか? Will COVID-19 exceed WWII?


I’m sorry for using very strong expression but COVID-19’s the most impact in my life. Please be easy for this virus doesn’t lead such a tragedy.



In 2001, airplanes went into buildings and the media was reporting that for many days.


In 2008, Lehman Shock happened and changed the world’s economy.


In 2011, East Japan Earthquake happened and many people died.



They are the only which I can remember the biggest news in 30 days.



When talk about 9.11 and 3.11, it killed so many people and the biggest disaster but the victims didn’t expand all over the world. Related countries indeed, were affected but it’s not the whole world.



Lehman Shock actually gave big impact to the world economic but it can be predicted and people who have foresights could prepare for that.



However, COVID-19 things are totally different.


First, COVID-19 itself injures many people.


And this things couldn’t be predicted so the prevention and the cope is absolutely behind the time.


Ultimately, one of the copes is “Segregation, Self-restraint and Business Regulations”. Have you ever seen the world like this? No, absolutely not.



This situation seems like “World War”. Of course I cannot compare them but I cannot help thinking about it.


That’s why I used this expression but be easy because COVID-19 itself cannot bring the world war.



I am on writing about this subject and excuse me to talk about it on this tone.

Next time, I’ll talk about “The world which COVID-19 changes.” Don’t miss it.