A Quiet, Secret and Noble place called “Mizuma-Dera” which is close to Kansai Airport

A Quiet, Secret and Noble place called “Mizuma-Dera” which is close to Kansai Airport

Hi, this is Kayo. I’m a travel writer living close to Kansai International Airport (KIX or 関西空港). Today, I would recommend you a quiet and holy place whose name is “Mizuma-temple” and close to Kansai Airport. It is not known by many people so you can get relaxed spending time there!





The Quiet, Secret and Noble place called “Mizuma-temple” from Kansai Airport


About “Kansai International Airport”

At first, let me introduce about “Kansai International Airport”. Its airport is located in Osaka(大阪) which is the 2nd biggest city in Japan. Actually, there are two airports in Osaka. One is “Itami Airport” which is in the center of Osaka and almost for domestic flight. The other is “Kansai International Airport“. It is usually called “Kankuu(関空)” and  it’s one of the biggest International Airport in Japan. “Kankuu” is far from the center of Osaka (45minutes by train). It is close to Wakayama(和歌山) and around the airport, there are some small towns.

the source:http://home.h09.itscom.net/oh-net/osakahu.html


The small towns have a lo of temples because that region used to be the capital in Japan. Therefore, if you drop in a station when you go to Osaka city from Kankuu, you can see very quiet, traditional and noble sceneries.



Let’s drop in “Kaizuka” station in Nankai Railway

Then, let’s stop at traditional and quiet town before you get to Osaka city from Kankuu!


Take a silver train of “Nankai Railway”

First, please ride on Nankai Railway(南海電鉄) after you leave Kankuu Airport. It is very complicated that Kankuu Airport has two Railways. One is Nankai Railway and the other is JR(Japan Railway). Be careful to take Nankai Railway and get ride in a silver train. Silver trains are local trains and blue trains are express ones which you need to pay extra fare so be careful again to take Nankai Railway of Silver Train!!

The Orange gate is “Nankai Railway”


 Get off at “Kaizuka Station”

15 minutes later, you will get “Kaizuka(貝塚) Station” so you get off there. The one way fare is 660 JPY.


Transit to “Mizuma Railways”

After getting off, turn right and walk to the East Exit(東出口).

Down the stairs and you can find a small platform on your right side. It is “Mizuma Railways(水間鉄道)” which is the very Japanese local train!

You can take any train. The one way fare is 290 JPY.


Go to “Mizuma-Kannon Station”

Take a train to the end point of “Mizuma-Kannon(水間観音) Station


Got to Mizuma Kannon Station!

Finally, you get to Mizuma Kannon Station!



Way to “Mizuma-temple”

I’ll show you how to go to “Mizuma-temple(水間寺)” It’s 10 minutes by walk.

Just go straight

After leaving the station, you can see a road on your left side so you go straight the road.

Be careful for cars because there is no side walk.

You can see the “welcome”.

There is an illustration of boy monk 🙂

After 8minutes walk, you can see the sign of “Mizuma-Kannoon(水間観音)”. Then you cross the red bridge and get to the temple.

This is Mizuma-temple!!



Let’s pray for your ancestors.

As you know, temple is of Buddhism but Buddhism is not very strict so it’s OK that you just enjoy seeing the beautiful architecture.

Or, it is good to throw coins into the Offertory box(Saisen-bako) and pray. Pray for what? I would recommend you to pray for your ancestors. We, Japanese respect our ancestors because Buddha is kind of reborn figure of our deceased ancestors. So how about praying for your grand-grand-grand…..father and mother??



Walk up to the “Mizuma park”

After praying, you can get rest at a “Kissaten(喫茶店)” which is Japanese cafe on the side of the temple


walk up to “Mizuma park(水間公園)” and get relaxed by just breathing fresh air.


How to get the park

Go over the temple and up stairs. Over the temple, you can find an ascent surrounded by deep greens. So go up the stairs.

You must feel relaxed to see this view!

Be careful for the mosquitos!! It’s a bamboo grove.

“Park in Japan” is usually a tiny place for just small kids but this Mizuma-park has much natures so I’m sure you can enjoy the greens and silence 😉



How was the trip??

Today, I introduced Mizuma-temple and park. As you know, the famous places in Japan are always crowded and noisy.



Crowdedness and Noise are exciting but sometimes too busy for travelers, especially people who come from another country. It should be helpful that you know a place where you can be relaxed on your trip. So why don’t you come to a small, quiet but the very Japanese town, “Mizuma(水間)“?? I hope your travel in Japan will be great and I’m waiting for you!!



※I usually write travel articles in Japanese but you can read them in another language if you select the language from the top tab in the right side bar.


Enjoy it!